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1X – 16X PCI-E Riser with USB Cable – SATA Powered


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Product Description

Are you looking for the best riser solution available for your rig?


The USB riser is the best solution available on the market, bar none. They are a qualitative leap from the old style risers, designed from the ground up for mining. Due to the design of the riser solution, you can use any aftermarket USB cable to move your GPU wherever you want on the case – up to 3 foot away from the motherboard.

Not only is versatility king with the USB riser, but so is the heat profile: With more room in between your motherboard and GPU, you can space out your GPUs further, reducing heat stress on the GPU, leading to a longer mining life. The USB cabling is also significantly thinner than a typical IDE riser, meaning heat will dissipate quicker.

Primary features of this model include:

  • 1X – 16X PCB layout for your motherboard and GPU (1X for motherboard, 16X for GPU)
  • SATA power
  • 2 foot / 0.6 meter USB cable included with each riser




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