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Cube and Red Fury Pre-Orders are Up!















Time to get in on the next generation of hardware, as Bitcoin skyrockets. We just placed a large order for the all-new ASICMiner Cube. These units are fully self-contained, and simply require power and an Ethernet cable to operate. Simply plug in and play. Pre-order pricing is $950 for the unit which does between 30 and 38 GH/s.

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We just got word that we have been accepted as a reseller of Red Fury miners. These are made similarly as the Blue Fury Miner. The only difference is PCB color, and price, which is $30 less than the Blue Fury. These are scheduled to get in stock in mid-December. They work on the same USB hub you already use for ASICMiner Block Erupters. Simply plug & play with your favorite mining hardware. These are just $100, and work at 2.5 GHs, only consuming 2.5 watts of electric!

Direct link to Red Fury Pre-Order